2009 - ongoing

Implementing Holacracy

Multiple interventions and facilitations with companies, NGOs and communities.

John and Anna trained as Holacracy facilita tors in 2008 in the US, with Brian Robertson, Holacracy founder. Since then, John (and at times Anna) has offered training and imple mentation in many different contexts. He spent more than two years implementing Holacracy in one of his tech companies “Consology” that was sold to EOH in 2012. He supported SEED, a permaculture NGO serving schools and communities in Cape Town’s Cape Flats with mapping and implementation. John and Anna fruitfully worked with the Berg-enDal Permaculture Community around some challenging community govern ance issues, using Holacracy’s integrative decision-making process.

They also provided the Afrikaburn community with an in-depth introduction to possibilities of Holocracy, as Afrikaburn transitioned into a new phase of its organisational life.