2017 - ongoing

“Put your own oxygen mask on first..”

An action-research project into energising, life-enhancing ways to build seams of community resilience at the micro local level. Literally, in and between our “back yards”.

We are getting our hands into the soil and building networks of neighbourly trust; prototyping into what is needed for human and eco-system flourishing, in times of extreme stress. Cape Town is in the throes of a very serious drought, and our home neighbourhood is under severe pressure from unchecked, careless and extractive development. This offers a rich exploration space for questions around: What is the essence and nature of this place? What does it want to become? What is unseen and wanting to be spoken? What is the “right weight” of resilience building intervention and action? If the “plane” is going down, what’s going to give us our best chance? And where does abundance thinking fit into all of this?

This work is also informed by Community, Nature and Systems constellations. Constellations is work pioneered by Bert Hellinger (as Family Constellations) and has been blossoming into a growing global field, with multiple applications. Anna is currently undergoing training as a constellations facilitator.