Stellenbosch University Food Security Workshop

Facilitation of a proposal writing workshop looking at building capacity for sustainable agriculture and nutrition to address food security needs in Africa.

Anna designed and facilitated a 2-day workshop for academics from diverse disciplines South Africa and Ethiopa. The intention of the workshop was to clarify fruitful areas of collaborative research in the food security arena. The workshop first explored the shared landscape and realms of possibility around food security in Africa, and then went onto anchor the ‘big picture’ visioning and questioning into a more practical reality, linked to the core proposal question around appropriate capacity building.

Thank you very much for your inputs all the way from the planning to the implementation of the workshop. The way you facilitated our discussion enabled us to listen and talk to one another in a constructive and productive way.

Prof Umezuruike Linus Opara
Research Professor & South African Chair in Postharvest Technology
University of Stellenbosch