2013 - 2014

World Green Building Council Global Strategy

A strategic process for the World Green Building Council to build collaboration and identify leverage points that could unlock change towards the global proliferation of a regenerative, life enhancing built environment

We were engaged by Jane Henley, the former CEO of the World Green Building Council, to facilitate a strategic process to support the emergence of a truly global movement, that would involve shifting from 100 individual organisations with the same name, to a global force moving towards a sustainable future.

We designed and facilitated a series of strategy sessions with WGBC leadership in Shamwari – South Africa, London – UK and Sao Paolo – Brazil.

As part of the strategy process, we worked closely with global experts in system dynamics mapping, the US based Institute for Strategic Clarity. The following bold global goal for the built environment system was crafted with input from key stakeholders: Within 35 years (by 2050), everyone, everywhere, has a daily experience of a [regenerative/life-enhancing] built environment. The exact words to define the [desired state] were left as a “work-in-progress”. Fourteen experts, each holding a diverse perspective on the built environment system, were interviewed in depth, and their views were then integrated into a highly detailed systems map, with more than 80 000 feedback loops. From this, the key systems archetypes were identified. This highlighted the lessons learnt, as well as the potential leverage points to effect systems wide change to achieve the global goal.