African climate and development U process

We presented a short overview of this process at Western Cape Government hosted workshop that focused on the Provincial Strategic Objective no 7 (PSO7) – Mainstreaming Sustainability. A pdf of the presentation can be downloaded here.


A book and website were produced about the FLOW project . The website can be viewed here and the book can be downloaded as a pdf here.

Article in sustainaility

A journal article by Gina Ziervogel, Anna Cowen and John Ziniades about the FLOW project was published in Sustainability in September 2016 - ‘Moving from Adaptive to Transformative Capacity: Building Foundations for Inclusive, Thriving, and Regenerative Urban Settlement’. The article can be viewed online here. The pdf can be downloaded here.

Greater Kokstad Municipality integrated sustainable development plan

A pdf of the synthesis plan can be downloaded here.